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Raspberry & Coconut

A dairy and gluten free delight! Tangy raspberry paired with creamy coconut.

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Proudly Australian Made

Weis was founded by Toowoomba, Queensland, locals Les and Val Weis in 1957. Our products are based on recipes, so our focus is always on the subtle blending of real ingredients to deliver genuine taste. Above all, we are committed to capturing the true-to-the-source, natural taste of each and every ingredient we use.

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Refreshing Lemon

Australia Owned Label

In September 2017, Weis was acquired by Unilever.

Previously, many of our products had an “Australian owned” claim on their labels. All our delicious Weis products are still made in Toowoomba, Queensland, however, Unilever is a foreign-owned company and therefore the “Australian owned” claim is incorrect.

Immediate steps were taken at the time to remove the claim from our products and revised labels have been in production since September 2017.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.