Weis - About Weis

About Weis

Weis was founded in Toowoomba, Queensland, in 1957.

At Weis our products are based on recipes, so the focus is on the subtle blending of real ingredients and ultimately the taste.

Our knowledge and expertise in sourcing and working with all different kinds of fruits, premium grade nuts and natural ingredients enables us to create unique combinations and taste experiences. After you’ve eaten a Weis product our aim is to leave you feeling surprised and delighted with the real taste of the wonderful natural ingredients that we use.

Above all, we are committed to capturing the true-to-the-source, natural taste of each ingredient we use.

You’ll find Weis Bars all around Australia in convenience stores, milk bars and service stations. Our Multipacks, Frozen Yoghurts, Sorbets and Weis for Dessert ranges are stocked by major supermarket chains Woolworths and Coles and independent grocery stores. You can also indulge in a Weis Bar on some international flights departing Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Weis?

Unilever, a company that has been operating and manufacturing in Australia since 1889, purchased Weis in September 2017 and is excited to continue producing the delicious Weis products Australians know and love.

Where are Weis Bars made?

All of your favourite Weis products are made in our factory in Minto, approximately 50km from Central Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Where can I buy Weis products?

Weis Bars are distributed nationally in service stations, convenience stores and milk bars. Our Multipacks, Tubs and Sorbets are sold in major supermarket chains Woolworths and Coles and independent grocery stores. You can also enjoy a Weis Bar on some international flights departing Australia.

Why don’t Weis Bars have a stick?

Well it’s simple. They didn’t have a stick in 1957 when they were created and they don’t have a stick now. The packaging is designed to catch the drips. There is, however, a trick to opening and eating a Weis Bar. Instead of tearing the top off the wrapper, hold the Bar in one hand and push the bottom firmly with your thumb so the Bar pushes open the wrapper without tearing it. This will help stop drips and makes a Weis Bar far less messy than ice creams with sticks.

What’s the most popular Weis Bar?

The Weis Mango and Cream Bar is our top selling bar and has been since its launch in 1959. Weis prioritises using the freshest Australian mangoes, working with our farmers and partners each season, to ensure the fruit is of the best quality and is processed at the peak of its ripeness.

Where do you get your inspiration from when you create a new flavour?

We get most inspiration for new flavours from nature itself. We’re constantly trying out new combinations and blends. Preserving the real taste is a must when it comes to developing a new product. If we can’t retain the natural taste, we simply don’t make the product. But we do like a challenge, so we keep trying until we get it right. Some of our recipes, for example, have taken 3 years to perfect.

Why don’t you make a whole Bar with only the cream?

We have tried making a whole bar of cream before and it was just too rich. All our products are based on balancing fruit and cream to create the perfect mouthful. We want everyone to experience a balance of refreshment and indulgence so you’ll only ever feel great after eating a Weis bar.

Why do some bars have more cream than others?

The famous Weis cream strip in our Classic Bars was a taste revelation when Les Weis created it in 1957. It’s never been better and we’re still faithful to it – using fresh cream, complemented with other specially selected premium ingredients.

At Weis we believe that too much of a good thing can be just that – too much! So each Weis recipe takes into consideration the right amount of cream for each specific fruit to create the best balance mouthful. That’s why in some Weis Bars you will see more cream than others.

Do Weis export overseas?

Yes. Our main markets are North America, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and China.

Can I recycle the 1L Tub?

Our tubs are made of recyclable plastic and can be rinsed out and put in the recycle bin. However, have you thought of this? Empty tubs make a great storage container around the home. Simply wash them out thoroughly and use them to store food in the freezer or pantry. Why not use them in the study for pens, paper clips etc, or in the shed to store loose nails and bits and pieces? The tub also makes a great seed tray or plant pot to raise small plants.