Weis - Farm to Freezer

Farm to Freezer

Once Upon a Weis….

The Weis journey begins with a humble piece of fruit. Picked at the perfect time, so it tastes real good, everytime.

Weis prioritises buying local Aussie fruit

Like for our iconic Mango, we meet with our trusted, Aussie Mango Farmers every season. We know it can get tough out there, so we buy as much mango as possible, so nothing goes to waste!

We are driven by Quality!

That’s why Weis has a long–term relationship with our trusted process partner.  We pick the chosen fruit from the tree, naturally ripened in the perfect conditions to be sorted and pulped in the Weis Way. This way we retain the juicy, real-fruit Weis taste on everyone’s lips!

Let’s talk about our favourite creamy bit!

We source the best Aussie diary ingredients to support the dairy farmers of Australia. After our dairy is processed, it is bought to our factory at Minto where it meets  our mouth-watering fruit. 

Delivered by our local drivers!

Our signature two-toned, Weis ice creams are then placed into a tub or  bar and sent all over Australia, so you can find them in your local stores and supermarkets!

Let’s talk about our favourite creamy bit!

The Result… Real Fruit & Real Flavour Weis.