Weis - Nutrition


Weis’ range of frozen goodies are naturally good and utterly delectable.

The high percentage of fruit and quality ingredients in our delicious products makes them the most delightful treats. We craft our recipes lovingly and trial lots of different flavour combinations to ensure we are delivering the most refreshing products around.



From farm to freezer

Mango illustration

Mango Farm

A Weis Mango Bar’s journey begins as a humble Kensington Pride mango picked from a tree. Our mangoes are sourced from North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Cow illustration


While fruit is our hero, we couldn’t have a Weis bar without a creamy ice cream strip. We source the perfect dairy to complement our fruity bars.

Truck illustration


Our mangoes are driven straight from the farms to our factory in Toowoomba, Queensland to be ripened in the sun.

Manufacturing illustration


We hand-sort up to 6 million mangoes each year. These get pulped on site for use in our mango products.

Weis Bar

Weis Mango Bar

Our specially crafted recipe ensures our customers can enjoy the perfect balance of Australian made ice cream.

At Weis we know that not everyone has the same food needs but we firmly believe everyone deserves delicious frozen treats!

For the full range of Weis products, we are proud to say that:

  • We only use natural flavours
  • We only use natural colours for our bright bars and tubs
  • Our products are gluten free
  • All our fruit is GMO free

Our Sorbet and Dairy Free ranges are:

  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan friendly