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Raspberries and Toasted Coconut

Luscious red raspberries, lightly toasted coconut and extra rich ice cream. Heaven in a Weis bar!

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At Weis, we're committed to capturing the true natural taste of each ingredient we use. We are dedicated to using only the finest ingredients in our recipes, like perfectly ripened fruit, premium nuts, or fresh cream. You'll also be delighted to know there are no artificial colours or flavours in our range.


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New Taste Delights Made With Weis

Deliciously simple drinks, cocktails, treats and desserts made using our range of products.

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Proudly Australian Owned

Weis is a proud second-generation Australian company, which started in Toowoomba, Queensland, in 1957.

Our products are based on recipes, so our focus is always on the subtle blending of real ingredients to deliver genuine taste.

Above all, we are committed to capturing the true-to-the-source, natural taste of each and every ingredient we use.

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